What makes OE carrier different:

  •  Best view for the family

  • Natural sitting position for child

  • Easy to get on and off for child

  • Comfortable for parent with hip support

  • Detachable backpack

  • Use it like a regular hiking backpack/diaper bag when folded,  so you can take it with your child, anywhere you go

  • Hydration pack compatible   (Hydration pack not included)

  • Eco-friendly, Zero plastic packaging

Best View for


The unique design of this shoulder carrier allows everyone in the family, parents and kids, to capture every second of your trip, no matter it is the beautiful scenery of nature, or the cute polar bear in the zoo.

Hands free

Unlike traditional strollers, this hands-free design gives your hands a break until they are needed in many situations like this one. 

Perfect for the airport, when you need to push your luggage while chasing after your kids.

light weight

OE carrier is 4.4 lbs with the backpack on and 3.4 lbs without the backpack, much lighter than most of the back carriers on the market. It can support child up to 45 lbs. It is the ideal baby carrier for families that have multiple children.

better weight distribution

Unlike other shoulder carriers, OE carrier is designed with hip support to free your neck and shoulders from feeling sore and painful. Because most of the weight is distributed to your waist, you can hike with your child for 2 hours without feeling the need of a neck/shoulder massage afterwards.


You can bring an OE carrier on a plane as a carry-on and tuck it underneath the seat because it is super compact. And you can carry it like a regular backpack when folded.

Tested for Safety

OE carrier has been tested and approved by SGS lab USA for Physical & Mechanical strength, according to both ASTM F2236-16a and ASTM F2549-14a. The material is free from harmful chemicals like lead and phthalates. Download the test reports here.

"We are ranked as one of the best baby carriers on "OnLine Travel Review"

Child has great view

Compact, easy to carry around

Room for storage

Weight distributes  on hip

Secure and comfortable for child

Usable when not carrying child

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